Rain Consulting - Engineering + Creativity = Better Water Outcomes
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Creative, Original Approaches

Working to improve Australia’s urban water environment

Rain Consulting, Luke Cunningham, Flood, Stormwater

The Rain Story

Rain Consulting bring creative, original approaches to deliver better water outcomes, working to improve Australia’s urban water environment. Rain works with government and private clients and focuses on facilitation, collaboration and building meaningful relationships. Integrated Water Management projects, flood modelling investigations and stormwater management plans are our speciality. Our innovative approaches to the way water is managed results in solutions that maximise environmental and economic outcomes and enhance liveability.

Personalised service and collaborate closely with clients to get the best results.

A strong network of allied professionals with quick access to complementary services.

Timely responses and approvals for flood modelling investigations or stormwater management plans due to established relationships with Melbourne Water and local councils.

The established relationships are due to our extensive experience in the water industry over 15 years during which we have worked with Melbourne Water, Victorian CMA’s, almost every Melbourne metropolitan Council and some of Australia’s leading developers.

Flood Modelling & Mapping

We deliver cost neutral solutions that balance environmental benefits and economic considerations, enhance the atheistic appeal of developments through beautifying waterways and meet all regulatory requirements.

Integrated Water Management

Rain focuses on facilitation and collaboration to get better IWM outcomes. Our team has a deep understanding of the technical constraints, context and challenges facing government, industry and business.

Stormwater Management Plans

Rain specialises in creative, simple solutions for stormwater management that work with the terrain, site constraints and regulations to maximise environmental and economic outcomes and enhance liveability.

Creative solutions
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The Rain Process

Engineering + Creativity = Better Water Outcomes

Rain Consulting, Luke Cunningham

The Bigger Picture

A personalised service collaborating closely with clients to get the best results from day one ensures we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

Rain Consulting, Luke Cunningham

Creative Solutions

We develop better water outcomes by challenging the way water is managed. Solutions maximise environmental and economic outcomes and enhance liveability.

Rain Consulting, Luke Cunningham


We work alongside our clients and any referral authorities as a team. We strive for mutually beneficial solutions through our established relationships within the industry and a strong network of allied professionals.

Rain Consulting, Luke Cunningham

Make it Rain!

We get to work! Working within your timeframes, frequent updates don’t leave you wondering.

Rain Consulting, Luke Cunningham

Delivery without the Mumbo Jumbo

Well, there may be some, but we’ll save that for the appendix. Our reports are easy to read and get to the point. We cut through the engineering jargon, translating it for the audience it’s intended for.

raining ideas
Rain Consulting, Luke Cunningham
Touch screen

Who is Rain?

Rianda Mills & Luke Cunningham

Rain Consulting Directors

It is undoubtedly confronting, but Rain embraces a deep involvement in climate change adaptation and mitigation work. Here, we stretch our broad water knowledge and industry experience to its full potential, so that we may leave the best legacies possible for future generations.

A little more about the who and the why.


Luke set up Rain Consulting in 2019 to pursue creative, original approaches for managing water that enhance liveability, maximise environmental outcomes as well as meeting regulatory guidelines. Rianda joined shortly after, energised by the freedom to work with Luke in thinking outside the box, challenging the way we manage water and using new techniques and technologies to engage and inspire. Both Environmental Engineers, together they draw on decades of experience in all things surface water – with technical expertise in hydrodynamic, hydraulic and hydrologic modelling across many sectors (mining, the development industry, research, water utilities and local government).  Luke and Rianda have led large engineering consulting teams in a fast-paced environment. Here they honed their leadership and time-management skills, as well as a passion for continual learning and sharing of technical and life skills.


Luke is a very well-respected urban water management expert who thrives working in an industry where he can contribute to enhancing and protecting our natural assets. Luke is able to intuitively facilitate discussions between authorities and private industry. He often provides expert advice and peer reviews in complex water management projects, always seeking the best outcomes for the environment and the community. Recently he has been involved in driving climate change adaptation in Melbourne with a keen focus on the flood impacts we will face in the future. Apart from his highly regarded technical expertise, many would attest that Luke’s care for doing the what is right and for looking after people are what make him great at what he does.


Rianda has most recently been in the strategy space at a water utility, trail-blazing as an Integrated Water Management Enabler. Actively participating in state-led IWM Working Groups, IWM scoping and project implementation, Rianda’s projects ranged from large-scale IWM planning to smaller scale solutions such as investigating stormwater and roof water harvesting for local reuse. She worked across government in this role, with many councils, the other water utilities, DELWP and the VPA, as well as with developers. It is here that Rianda gained a good working knowledge of all things alternative water and fit-for-purpose water-related, and realised that we (society and industry) need to understand climate change impacts much more deeply so that we can properly plan for them.


Rain believes the unequivocal challenge for the world over the coming years is in climate change adaptation planning and in climate change mitigation (should we reverse that order?!) We choose to see this as a time for innovation – for technical people and technical communicators – to shine.


Visit our LinkedIn profiles to learn more or please feel free to contact us at any stage.

Luke Cunningham – LinkedIn 0419 269 831

Rianda Mills – LinkedIn 0421 751 063


Follow us on Twitter for all updates

Get In Touch

Interested in learning more about Rain? We’d love to hear from you!


Luke - 0419 269 831

Rianda - 0421 751 063

PO BOX 402, Chelsea Victoria 3196

Rain respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work, live and play. We also pay our respects to their Elders, past and present, and Aboriginal Elders of other communities.